our projects

a yellow sports car next to bicycles in a renovated garage A Minniedale Project under construction
The outside of a home being built in Sussex A House being built in West Sussex A house that has been renovated by Minniedale Projects
A Minniedal Project Construction site in Sussex A home after renovation done by Minniedale projects A Building Project being done by Minniedale Projects
Beautifully Renovated Outside Area done by Minniedale Projects A renovation project being done by Minniedale Projects A Kitchen that Minniedale Projects helped Renovated
A building in the planning process in Sussex A Renovated Bedroom with BIC in West Sussex A building in the development process being managed by Minniedale Projects
A Renovated Bathroom in West Sussex Beginning Phase of Construction on a Building Managed by Minniedale Projects Smart Interior Design of cupboards done by Minniedale Projects
Foundations being built in Sussex by Minniedale Projects Elegant Interior Design of a Lounge done by Minniedale Projects Foundations Being Built in West Sussex
Interior Design of a Social Area in West Sussex done by Minniedale Projects A Building in the Construction Process by Minniedale Projects A Clever Cupboard Design in Sussex
A building being constructed through Minniedale's consulting The Interior Design of A Staircase in West Sussex A House being Renovated in Sussex
Couches in Sussex - Interior Design Roof Renovations being Managed by Minniedale Projects Piping being Built in West Sussex
A Sussex Home Being Built through Minniedale Projects A Boardroom having been Interior Designed by Minniedale Projects A Construction Planning being done by Minniedale Projects
An Entrance designed by Minniedale Projects Renovations in West Sussex A corridor in Sussex designed by Minniedale Projects
A window designed by Minniedale Projects Interior Designed Bedroom Renovation material in a room that is being renovated
A counter being built in Sussex An interior redesign by Minniedale Projects A House being Renovated in Sussex
Renovations being done on the exterior on a house in Sussex A home that was built through Minniedale projects consulting A room being renovated on the interior through Minniedale Projects
A wall in the middle of Construction through Minniedale's Building Project Management Minniedale Projects Building Project Management ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
Garage Door of Renovated Garage ​​​​​​​